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xx. dreamzet

i'm too far gone it's all over now....

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xx. dreamzet
Welcome to xx. dreamzet, a community made to post all my icons and maybe some other graphics.
I decided to make a community cuz i wanted to have more order on my icons and the like. Icons will be most likely about JE fandom, jdramas i love, mcfly, twilight[rpattz] & harry potter series. So if you like what you see, feel free to watch/join for next updates.

Rules in this community are simple. Follow please.
>> Dont modify.
>> Credit is a must... seriously im not asking to go to the space and bring me a moon rock, right ?..ive seen loads of my icons around LJ without credit... so please.
>> Dont claim my work as your own.
>> Textless icons are not bases.
>> Do not hotlink.
>> And most important...what is the reason to have an icon community if i dont have comments?? so please COMMENT IF TAKEN..or just because you like them.!
>> Ive decided to make this comm members only, so when i update a new entry.. the last ones will be locked..so just the very last post could be seen. So if u want to see my older posts.. please JOIN!! ^0^
Easy, isnt it?

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